Pastor Jon Coykendall

Jon Coykendall Pastor

When I grew up in the church the standard was “Children were to be seen and not heard.” consequently we now hear very few children in our churches. I guess no one thought back then that churches would ever be empty and families would stop attending. We have made the mistake in the past of making the Church and especially God irrelevant in our children’s lives, when, the fact is God remains the most important person in their lives, and the Children are the future of the Church.

This has been God’s plan since the beginning, where would we be if Abraham had treated Isaac the way some treat their Children? What would have happened to Israel if Moses had not believed God that Joshua would lead His people to the promised land? Would Solomon have been King if Samuel had not anointed young David as God directed, to be the future King and Father of Solomon.

Children are the future of the Church and God has entrusted us with the task to make His name known to them, so, it makes no sense for us to ignore them until they are older. Children are an integral part  of the modern Church, they need to be involved in every aspect of the Church. Music, teaching, leadership, maintenance; every area of the Church children can be involved in, and in the process relationships are built between the young and the not so young.

Lets face it our world is pretty screwed up right now since we have allowed our Government to remove God from our regular lives. It’s up to the next Generation to bring God back to His place of honor and to seek Him to solve the problems of this world. That can only happen when we as the people left holding the torch of faith begin again to speak boldly of the grace God offers each of us free of charge. In a world where love is a misconstrued word, is it not our calling to again define Love they way God defines it and to be the very example for our Children to follow. Lets embrace our future by embracing our Children the very gifts of Love from our Father, God.