Pastor Jon Coykendall


Life can get ahead of us, it seems to be an endless series of events that continue to repeat themselves. Kind of like the Movie with Bill Murray ” Groundhog Day.” when he keeps waking up on the same day and events continue to repeat themselves, that is; until he changes something. Human beings are a stubborn lot, when we get into a cycle that we feel comfortable with it becomes hard to change. But here is a saying that we should remember; “It is insanity to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result.” If we continue to live our lives doing the same thing all the time, Such as giving into our temptations and living like there is no end, and find we continue to be frustrated, hurt, and put into bad situations but we continue to do them, that is the definition of insanity. If we want our circumstances to change, then Like the Character in Groundhog Day, we must change something.

“But Pastor I don’t know how to change, I’ve been like this forever, I’m too old to change.” If you really believe that then you are going to be miserable for the rest of your life. If you want to experience freedom then you need to stop the defeatist attitude. But here is the realistic view of what you are thinking; You can’t change by yourself, all you can do is make the decision to change, and then seek out the means that will help you change. It has to be a decision that you are committed to, and I know commitment is something foreign to some, but get over it if you are going to change it must be a commitment, because it will not be easy. So where do you go? Some would say to counselors, Psychiatrists, or some other professional. But here is the reality; They are humans too, they have their problems, they themselves may be in some sort of therapy, kind of like the blind leading the blind. So what’s the source?

Before I tell you that I want you to understand some thing first. Let’s say you are having a problem with your homes foundation, and your not sure what exactly was done in the home when it was built, yes you could dig around the foundation and find out, but the wife would be upset at you digging up her prize roses, and the solution may be very simple and less expensive if only you knew how it was built. Where do you go? That’s right the builder, the one who created your home in the first place, he will know everything put into your home and will have the answer you are looking for.

So now that you understand that, where do you go if Changes are needed in your life? To the one that created you in the first place. Yes I know about the evolution theory, and it goes against every law in science and physics. Some arrogant scientist could not bring himself to believe there was an all powerful being that created us. But there is and we call Him God, Lord, Father, and He has been worshipped for thousands of years. There is even a book inspired by Him kind of an autobiography so to speak called the Bible. Here God tells of His creation, His love for His people and a love so deep He sent His Son to save us from ourselves. That’s right Jesus. God know everything about you, He knows your faults, He knows your fears, He knows your talents. But most of all with everything He knows about you, both good and bad; He Loves you DEEPLY!! I can’t stress that enough, nothing you have done will ever change God’s love for YOU!

Now this gets a little difficult for some but God wants a relationship with you, He wants you to seek Him, He wants you to call on Him, because He is your real and true loving Father. That right He is your real Father, Your mom and Dad were the instruments of your birth, But it was God that created you and gave you life. So does it not make sense that if something needs to change you got to Him? He promises to bear us up, heal us, make us a new creation if only we would call on Him. You will find Him in your local Church, there others just like you with real problems will be willing to Help you find the answers you are seeking. You will be loved and cared for as needed, and guided in your quest. Will they have the answers? No, but they will help you find the Lord who does have the answers, and in the process you will become a valued member of a loving and caring community called Christians. So to answer the question what does it all Mean? It’s all about community, it’s all about God’s Love and plan for you, It’s all about Jesus, the one who died on the cross so you could live, and that is the greatest Love of all. Are you committed to change? not sure how? Seek out your local Church leader or Pastor, they will show you the way. God Bless.