Pastor Jon Coykendall

In these times that we have never experienced it can become overwhelming to us if we spend too much time thinking about what we can’t be doing. If we happen to be the person responsible for providing for the family it can be even more stressful because we are unable to work and our income is in limbo. What’s the answer? Simply we are all in the same boat, each of us has never been in this situation, neither has the Nation. But this can be our finest hour as Human beings, How you ask? Since we are all facing the same situation it presents all kinds of opportunities to change the direction of our country.

Let’s face it; with all the violence and killing that has been going on lately, the hate that has pervaded our news, is this not a time when we can show true kindness and love for those around us suffering as we are? God may very well have allowed this virus to invade humanity to bring us back to His plan for us all. Which means we need to stop looking to blame another country, (China) for the outbreak, Our own sin is the cause of this calamity, when sin came into the world through Adam it caused this world of ours to be broken, death and disease became part of life. So, if we want to blame anyone blame it on ourselves.

Second fear can also drive us to panic, we begin to buy large amounts of food and items to protect ourselves thinking we will not be able to get out and get them because we will get sick. Folks this is not what we should do, there is plenty of food in this nation, but a limited number of truck drivers, you buy stores out and it will take weeks for them to be resupplied, causing a fake shortage. Buy what you need now, leave some for others, we will not run out. Better yet if you feel anxious then turn to the one that provides everything. Jesus tells us to, “Not let your hearts be troubled for the Father knows what you need and will provide it.” Why does God do this, because it is more important for us to be busy taking care of one another. Worry distracts us from what and who is important.

Right now should be the time of great revival, Church what else do we have to do? We have a whole world of technology, live streaming, podcasting, video conferencing, the list is endless. We as God’s people need to put our collective heads together and find ways of reaching people while still keeping the social distance. God Says; “If my people who are called by my name,(Christians) will call out to me I will hear them and forgive their sin and heal their land.” It should be our goal to have every man women and Child call out to God collectively in prayer and seek Him with all our hearts.

Right now there is no cure or treatment for this Convid-19 virus, man is unable to cure us, but God is more than capable, but He will not act if man continues to deny His existence. God is a just God but He will not act unless we ask Him to, from the heart. I want those who want to hide God in a closet somewhere to hear this. The time is NOW to stop your atheistic closed minded talk and start looking at the big picture, Man did not create this world, it did not just happen, it was created by someone way more powerful than us And He is all around us, seeing everything, and waiting for this world to say; “Father God We Need You Now.” Want to see this virus gone? want to see people we love healed? Want your life to get back to normal? Call on God, He is the only one that can.