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 Let's talk about the things that matter to us. The problem today is many people want to avoid subjects that could cause controversy is some cases that may be good but in most it denies the free exchange of ideas. I have learned many things from others that don't always share my views on subjects. It was not that long ago that many scholars would spend hours debating subject material with their contemporaries on topics ranging from art to politics to Religion. The tenant being the rich exchange of Ideas without becoming enraged because you may not agree. So here share your thoughts but when you comment make it content relevant and God loving. Remember we as Christian brothers and Sisters must deal with each other in kindness and gentleness as only Jesus would.
Lack of Commitment.
March 6th, 2023 What I find most interesting in ministry is how members view the pastor based on their own life commitment. Let me explain that a pastor is credible only when he expresses what that person believes is true in their own lives. In simple terms a person will give a pastor credit when he tells them what they want to hear. Any pastor though, with any real conviction to be a shepherd will only express what is soundly God's word. The crux of the matter many don't want to hear what God has to say about their lives and what He expects from us His children. So, to keep people coming back many ministers of the faith continue to avoid hot topics such as devotion and surrender to God, sin, conviction. Instead, they preach feel good messages of love and comfort, joy and peace to members who want to feel good about themselves even though they have on foot in the spiritual grave and the other is slipping fast due to their devotion to the temporary things in this world which entice them.
    Living as a Christian is not a walk in the park if indeed you are walking in the presence of the Lord. He is very blunt on what is expected of us. Put our lives fully in His hands, stop worrying the Father knows what you need and will supply it, layup your treasures in Heaven, wait on the Lord, be anxious for nothing. All these lessons we don't want to here because those that have not believed are living a much better life. We think that as Christians we are owed something from God, we get upset when God doesn't deliver. Well folks here are the real lesson, John 16:33 "In this world you will have troubles but, take heart for I have overcome the world."
    As I experience what it means to minister in the path of God's calling to me, I see this happen more than once. People come for a while looking for something to feel good about through a pastor or congregation and it is ok for a while, until all the major projects are complete, and ministry again becomes mondain again and so they move on. The problem is there is no real commitment to God in their lives. Let me say as a committed person to God first I have had no mondain days as a matter-of-fact God has kept me busy even when I am not in the church ministering. To expect a pastor or church to keep you excited well, you are placing a responsibility on them that they can never live up to.
    God is the ultimate authority in any church, He gives the message, He gives the direction, He blesses members as they need it. Most important He relieves us of the burden of trying and failing to live up to impossible expectations. He wants just 2 things from those who commit to Him, love Him and obey Him, He will take care of the rest. God owes us nothing, but we owe Him everything our very salvation is due to His own sacrifice of Jesus, because of Jesus even though you will someday die, you will continue to live eternally forever in His presence. Isn't that enough to commit to Him and say, AMEN.
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Topics that others want to sidestep.
I have had a lot of meetings in my time, and I expected this meeting to be the same open discussion about our Church and our vision and what the city would like us to help with. Well, it was a great meeting, and I enjoyed my time with the city council woman, but in the end, there was the elephant in the room. Religion, "Pastor not everyone would agree with you." on the topic of the end times in the bible. But why avoid the issue? Because not everyone agrees, and my thought was ok let's talk about it. But instead, I got this answer that is why the city does not get involved with churches. Ok, but my conversation is with you not the city, and I am a Pastor what we share is not going to be given to the local paper since, it is your opinion.
   There is a great misunderstanding going on in our country because people are afraid to talk about Faith and Religion. When we sidestep this one issue people can and have gotten the wrong opinion of other people. Our country was founded on the principle of freedom of religion, but our courts and law makers have used ideas from the past and twisted them so being free to speak of God or one's faith in God is an evil or even possibly illegal act. Folks this is a form of persecution going back to the time of the Apostles when Peter, Stephen and Paul were imprisoned and put to death for teaching in the name of Jesus. The Jewish leaders did not like the fact that what they were teaching about salvation was undermining the authority of the Jewish Sanhedrin. 
   So, why do people sidestep topics on politics and Religion or even sports? Because people's opinions are so strong on these topics it could lead to violence and injury. It's so sad to see freedom to speak about what you hold so dear being quashed by Satan and a fallen world. Give me your thought I promise I won't get upset.  
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If you continue to sin against your temple your body then are you slave to that sin

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